Family & Personal

How do I obtain a Birth/Death Certificate

For individuals born/died in Floyd County you can purchase a certified copy of a birth/death certificate by contacting the Floyd County Health Department. If the person lived in Floyd County but was born/or died outside of Floyd County, the Floyd County Health Department will not have access to those records.

How do I find more information on filing for divorce in Floyd County?

Please contact the Floyd County Clerk's Office for more information on Case Filing Fees and the divorce process.

How do I apply for a marriage license?

Marriage licenses may be issued to couples if one party is a resident of Floyd County.  If neither the bride nor groom is an Indiana resident, we can only issue a license if they will be married in Floyd County. Individuals who wish to be married must both appear together and in person to apply for a license in the Floyd County Clerk's Office.

For more information on fees, forms and applications please visit the Floyd County Clerk's website

How can I search online for a Indiana Marriage License?

The State of Indiana offers an online search for publicly accessible information about marriage licenses issued in Indiana. This database contains many—but not all—marriage records from 1993 to the present.

Click here to search for marriage records

How do I obtain Naturalization Records?

For more information on Naturalization and Immigration please visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website

How do I find family geneology information in Floyd County?

Floyd County Health Department Birth and Death Records begin with the year 1882. Death Records from the years 1940 through 1947 and from 1960 to the present do not list the following: Date of birth, name of spouse, parents name or parents birthplace. For more information on Geneology requests please visit the Floyd County Health Department Website