Floyd County Indiana Township Trustee

For more information on the responsibilities of the Township Trustees please contact them directly.

New Albany Township Trustee

David Brewer
311 Hauss Square Room 109
New Albany IN 47150
More information visit www.natownshiptrustee.org

Franklin Township Trustee

Scott Sams
        6651 Geswein Road
Lanesville IN 47136

Georgetown Township Trustee

Dee Roney - 502-999-0455
Email: georgetowntownshiptrustee@gmail.com

Greenville Township Trustee

Mary Jo Loop - 812-923-1018

Lafayette Township Trustee

Jeff Williams
Phone: 812-557-3401
Email: lafayettetownshiptrustee@gmail.com
Website: www.lafayettetownshipin.org