Floyd County Indiana Surveyor


What we do

The Floyd County Surveyor maintains Section corner records and maintains the Legal Survey Record Book. Also, a searchable file of recorded surveys is maintained, and copies of recorded subdivision plats are kept on file. The County Surveyor also has copies of Flood Maps for review by the public. 

The County Surveyor serves as an ex-officio member of the County Drainage Board and the County Plan Commission.  

Duties of County Surveyor in the State of Indiana follows Indiana Code - County Surveyor (C 36-2-12 Chapter 12 ) 

Indiana Registered Professional Land Surveyors
See the hyperlinks below related to contact information for Indiana Registered Professional Land Surveyors.


Online Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping Service

The Surveyor’s office utilizes Elevate, a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS), to research parcels located within Floyd County.

Please visit the Floyd County GIS Department for more information on Elevate GIS Mapping website.

GIS Department on Floyd County Government webpage


Surveyor F.A.Q and Documents 

As a County office the Surveyor’s Department strive for equitable access of public information related to surveying. See the hyperlinks below to pdf pages of our most asked questions and documents. All forms must be submitted to [email protected]. If you need additional information or have any questions please don't hesitate to give our office a call during business hours at 812-948-5490.

 Surveyor’s Office Related Links

 Click here to view a list of Surveyors that have served or are currently serving the Floyd County area 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does your office have a copy of my survey?
    A. We may have a copy due to our diligent efforts to acquire the records of private land surveyors, private land owners and Indiana Registered Professional Land Surveyors.

Indiana requires the recordation of boundary surveys in specific circumstances as in a) the creation of a new tax parcel; b) a previously unrecorded survey; or c) when the recent survey differs significantly from the description of recorded deed. The only surveys we hold in our files were given to us voluntarily. Recorded Surveys and Recorded Deeds can be found in the Recorders Office.

  1. Does the County Surveyor do private surveys? Can you show me where my property corners are?
    A. No, the County Surveyor does not conduct private surveys.
  2. Can you recommend a private surveyor that I can use?
    A. No, You would need to contact a private Indiana Registered Professional Land Surveyor listed in the Floyd County Surveyors Page or ispls.org/search.
  3. How much does it cost to survey my property?
    It depends. Factors such as deed quality, terrain, available survey evidence & season all affect price.
  4. What are Section Corners?
    A. Section corners were created when the government originally surveyed Indiana into square mile parcels. Section corners refer to the 4 corners of the square mile parcel. The intermediate half-mile corners are referred to as "quarter corners" because they divide the section into quarters. They are marked by monuments set under the direction of an Indiana Registered Professional Land Surveyor.
  5. My neighbor just hired a surveyor to survey their land and one of the lot corners seems to be over on my property, what can I do?
    A. First, please consult the Surveyor who performed the work. If questions still remain, we can help advise on next steps.
  6. Why do I see people from your office working or digging in the middle of the road?
    A. The County Surveyor does not hold a surveying crew on staff. TheFloyd County Surveyor contracts work to Indiana Registered Professional Land Surveyors periodically as required to maintain records indicating the location of each original government monument within this county. Many of these monuments are found in our County roads. (IC 36-2-12 sections 10 and 11).
  7. Where can I get a County Map?
    A. Printed maps are available through the County Surveyor Office by request only or can be found in the GIS-Mapping service Elevate Maps via the Floyd County GIS department page online.