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Floyd County Probation Department

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Floyd County Probation - Circuit, Superior 1, 3 & Magistrate Division

Our mission is promoting professionalism and proficiency while protecting the interest of the community through offender accountability and by providing appropriate services for individual needs. Probation is a collaboration which facilitates offenders to remain out of detention and to become contributing members of our communities.

The Floyd County Adult Probation Office supervises Adults sentenced out of Floyd County Superior Court 1 & 3 , Floyd County Circuit Court and the Floyd County Magistrate. The Floyd County Adult Probation Department handles felonies and misdemeanor cases.

The Adult Probation Officers of Superior Court have over 75 years of combined experience.

Department Objectives:

  • To assist in the fair administration of justice.
  • To assist offenders in becoming productive and contributing members of society.
  • To assist in improving the overall education and social responsibility of offenders living in Indiana, which will promote community safely.
  • To reduce recidivism of offenders by providing consequences for behavior as well as programming for offenders that encourages and facilitates law-abiding behaviors.
  • To insure victims have a voice through the pre-sentence investigation report and other victim assistance.
  • To promote probation staff safely through information, education, and training.
  • Promote continuing education of probation staff in order to enhance services for offenders.


  • Establish a range of procedures to hold offenders accountable for their behavior.
  • Develop, coordinate, and implement a range of community resources for offenders.
  • Develop a system or procedure to monitor restitution to victims and other court ordered fees.

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Floyd County Probation Superior 2 Division:

Our mission is promoting professionalism and proficiency while protecting the interest of the community through offender accountability and by providing appropriate services for individual needs. Probation is a collaboration which facilitates offenders to remain out of detention and to become contributing members of our communities.

Floyd County Superior Court 2 Probation conducts home visits and drug & alcohol testing.

Code of Conduct for Indiana Probation Officers:

The people of Indiana expect of probation officers: unfailing honesty; respect for the dignity and individuality of human beings; and a commitment to professional and compassionate service. To this end, probation officers of Indiana subscribe to the following principles:

Probation Officers Shall:

  • Follow the directives of the Court, respecting its authority and recognizing at all times that they are an extension of the Court.
  • Make available, for review by the Court, accurate records and all case information in order to assist in sound decisions affecting both the probationer and public safety.
  • Serve each case with sincere concern and objectivity for the probationer’s welfare without purpose of personal gain, and with respect for the probationer’s human, civil, and legal rights.
  • Respect the importance of all elements of the criminal justice system, while cultivating relationships, promoting mutual respect, improving the quality of service, and furthering professional cooperation.
  • Respect the rights of the public to be safeguarded from criminal/delinquent activity, while respecting the community’s right to know, and at the same time balancing the public good with the probationer’s rights of privacy.
  • Without reservation, report any corrupt or unethical behavior which could affect either the integrity of the department or the status of the probationer.
  • Maintain the integrity of private information by not seeking personal data beyond that needed to perform his/her duties, and only disclose case information allowed by statutes, rules and departmental policies.
  • Make clear those public statements that are personal views as opposed to those statements and positions that are on behalf of a department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of probation conditions?

Provided below is a listing of general terms and conditions of probation. The list provided below is for your reference and for the specific terms of your probation please contact your Floyd County Probation Officer.

  • You shall not possess a firearm or any other dangerous weapon.
  • You shall obtain a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or High School Diploma
  • You shall attend and complete the Court’s Substance Abuse program and pay the fee.
  • You shall perform a designated number of hours of community service through Community Corrections within a specified time.
  • You shall attend and complete the Choices Program and pay the required fee.
  • You shall provide proof of or pay restitution to designated parties.
  • You shall obtain a valid driver’s license.

Additional terms and conditions

  • You shall report to the Probation Department as requested and attend all appointments on time.
  • You shall conduct yourself in a respectful and orderly manner during all appointments and answer all reasonable questions in a truthful manner. Further, you shall not report under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You shall maintain good behavior and no criminal arrests.
  • You shall notify the Floyd County Probation Department immediately if you are arrested or have criminal charges filed against you.
  • You shall permit a Probation Officer to visit you at home or elsewhere.
  • You shall not purchase, use or possess any illegal or dangerous drugs. Any prescription medication must be taken as prescribed to you by  a physician and must be prescribed to you in your name
  • You shall submit to random drug testing for alcohol and drugs with a zero tolerance result.
  • Your person, vehicle, home and all your property of any kind are subject to search and seizure. Any search or seizure procedures shall be conducted by the Probation officer and his/her authorized agent and shall be reasonable under the circumstances.
  • You shall work faithfully at suitable employment, make a reasonable effort to find employment, or enter into educational or vocational training. Community service may be ordered by the Probation officer if you remain unemployed for over one month.
  • You shall notify your probation officer of any change in address, phone number or employment within two working days.
  • You shall support your dependents.
  • If your probation is transferred, you shall comply with the terms and conditions of probation of both Floyd County
  • Probation Department and the receiving department. In addition, you shall pay any assessed application fee.
  • You shall pay all fines and costs, within 90 days, unless otherwise directed by your probation Officer.

Probation Officer Career Opportunities

Qualifications to be a Probation Officer

  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must be an American citizen.
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college.
  • Be a person of good moral character.
  • Take and pass an examination at the Indiana Judicial Center unless specified elsewhere.
  • Must attend an orientation program conducted by the Indiana Judicial Center.
  • 12 hours of annual training

To apply for a Floyd County Court Probation Officer position submit your resume and cover letter via email to:

Rexanne Farris
Chief Probation Officer

Where do I pay my Fee?

Q: Where do I pay for the following fees?

  • Probation User Fees
  • Administrative Fees
  • Drug Testing Fees

A: These fees are paid in the Superior Court II Probation Office. 

Q: Where do I pay the following fees?

  • Court Costs
  • Drug/Alcohol Costs
  • Restitution

A: These fees are paid in the Floyd County Clerk’s Office on the 2nd Floor of the City/County Building. The County Clerk’s office accepts payment with credit and debit cards.

Q: Where do I pay the following fees?

  • Community Service
  • Thinking for a Change Program
  • HIP (Home Incarceration Program)

A: Pay these fees at the Floyd County Community Corrections office located at 1613 E. Spring Street, Suite #3, New Albany, IN (Next to Rally’s Drive thru restaurant)