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Floyd County Probation Department

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Circuit, Superior 1,2, 3 and  Magistrate

Floyd County Adult Probation - Circuit, Superior 1, 2, 3 & Magistrate Division

Mission Statement

To promote professionalism and proficiency while protecting the interest of the community through offender accountability and by providing appropriate evidence based services for individual needs. .

Vision Statement

To promote positive change for our community.

  • Department Objectives and Implementation:
    To accurately assess the offenders individual needs and risks.
    To assist offenders in becoming productive members of society by effectively enhancing motivation, initiating, and maintaining behavior changes.
    To promote community safety by prioritizing supervision and treatment resources for high risk offenders.
    To target the high risk offenders criminogenic needs while being responsive to their individual attributes by implementing case plans.
    To reduce recidivism of offenders by providing optimal sanctions and reinforcements.
    To provide evidenced based services that emphasize cognitive behavioral strategies delivered by well trained staff.
    Engage offenders in social supports within the community to reinforce positive behaviors and changes.
    Develop, coordinate, and implement a range of community resources with evidence based programming for offenders.
    Measure offender progress and the probation departments ability to aid the offender, by keeping detailed documentation of case information and staff performance.
    Follow the 8 Principles of Effective Interventions.