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Plan Commission

The Floyd County Plan Commission surveys county resources and plans for conservation measures. The Plan Commission formulates and adopts a comprehensive development plan for the county, works closely with the County Planner to develop the comprehensive plan for the county. The Plan Commission reviews proposed commercial and residential developments, and administers and enforces zoning ordinances. The Board of Zoning Appeals makes determinations on appeals and variance requests.

Building Permit and Inspection Results Inquiry

If you would like to view inspection results or information related to an existing permit please click on the link provided below. Please note: Inspection results should be available within 24 hours of actual inspection.

Click here for the Building Permit and Inspection Results Online Inquiry

Floyd County Building Permit Process

To obtain a building permit within Floyd County you must follow these procedures. Following submission of all documentation the Building Commissioner has up to five (5) days to review and issue a building permit.

1. A Building Permit Application must be completed and submitted to the office. The application must have the following items with it when submitted for approval.

 A recorded deed or recorded contract for property
 A correct set of building plans
 A surveyor’s site plan or mortgage survey
 Spec sheets for anything pre-engineered
 Energy rating company and preliminary report
 Health Department permit
 Driveway permit/approval – Driveway Permit  

2. Once all documentation has been submitted to this office and reviewed by the Building Commissioner, contact will be made for additional information or permit is ready to be picked up and paid for.