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Floyd County Indiana Juvenile Probation

The Floyd County Circuit Court Juvenile Probation department works with juveniles ordered to appear in the Floyd County Juvenile Court System or juveniles held in the Floyd County Juvenile Detention Center.

The statutory duties of probation officers are set forth in I.C. 11-13-1-3 and I.C.31-31-5-4. These duties include receiving and examining complaints and allegations concerning matters covered by juvenile law and make preliminary inquiries and investigations, implementing informal adjustments, supervising and assisting persons on probation consistent with conditions of probation imposed by the Court, notifying the Court when a violation of a condition of probation occurs, and cooperating with public and private agencies and other persons concerned with the treatment or welfare of persons on probation and assisting probationers in obtaining services from those agencies and persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deliquent child?

The child must be younger than 18 years of age when the deliquent act occurs.

The Child must commit a deliquent act.

What is a deliquent act?

Offenses which would be crimes if committed by an adult, and status offenses, which are acts that are considered unlawful because of a person's age.

What is special about status offenses?

A child who commits only a status offense is not a deliquent child unless the court also finds that the child needs help that:

  • the child is not receiving
  • the child is unlikely to accept voluntarily; and
  • is unlikely to be provided or accepted without court intervention

In other words, if your child is in court only because of underage drinking, truancy, curfew violations, habitual disobedience, or running away, your child cannot be found guilty of being a deliquent child unless the judge also finds that the behavior will not be corrected unless the court is involved with your child.

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For more information on the Juvenile Justice system please contact the Floyd County Circuit Court Juvenile Probation department.