Floyd County Indiana Community Corrections

Floyd County Community Corrections was established in 1985. The program originally started with Community Alternative Sentencing Program (VORP) and Victim Offender Reconciliation Program. The program strives to enhance the coordination of the local criminal and juvenile justice systems as well as to divert non-violent offenders from incarceration. The target population for adult programs is non-violent offenders sentenced to not more than 4 years. Funding is received from the Department of Corrections through the State of Indiana Community Corrections Act. Additional funding is received from user fees and local grants.

The Indiana State Statute requires that an Advisory Board be established to oversee the Community Corrections program. This Advisory Board consists of the Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, Judges, the Mayor, and other persons required by statute. The board's responsibility is to ensure program compliance with standards adopted by the Department of Corrections.

Benefits of Community Based Programs:

  • Community Corrections provides diversion from prison and county jail for offenders of non- violent crimes.
  • Community Corrections is more cost effective than incarcerating offenders.
  • Community Corrections gives the offender, who would otherwise go to jail or prison; the opportunity to receive assistance needed (i.e., substance abuse programs, literacy programs, life skills, etc.) to help him/her become a productive member of society in his/her own community.
  • Through our Community Work Crew our community agencies receive benefits of free labor and offenders make a positive contribution to the community, rather than becoming a financial burden to taxpayers.
  • While in Community Corrections offenders are held responsible for their actions and change their thinking.

Vision Statement:

Provide a safe community by inspiring a culture of accountability, integrity, and professionalism.

Mission Statement:

To serve the community by utilizing evidence-based and data-driven programs to encourage change in offender behavior through collaboration with the criminal justice system and community stakeholders.

Office Location:

Floyd County Community Corrections
1613 E. Spring St. Suite 3
New Albany Indiana 47150

Contact Phone and Fax:

Phone: 812-948-5418
Fax: 812-948-4709

Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday 8:00am - 6:00PM

Make a Payment

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Office Staff:

Daraius Randelia, Director
Email: [email protected]

Laura Elliott, Assistant Director
Email: [email protected] 

Phillip Carter, Community Supervision Officer
Email: [email protected]

Jacob Ennis, Community Supervision Officer
Email: [email protected]

Annie Stocksdale, High Risk Community Supervision Officer
Email: [email protected]

Gene Klusmeier, Community Service Work Crew Supervisor
Email: [email protected]

Yvonne Haub, Reentry Assessment Officer
Email: [email protected]

Karen Coates, Administrative Assistant
Email: [email protected]

Programs Offered:

  • Home Detention
  • Home Incarceration
  • Community Transition Program
  • Community Work Crew
  • Moral Reconation Therapy—MRT® Groups (in Floyd County Jail, and in the community)
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (in Floyd County Jail)

Advisory Board Members:

  • Frank Loop - Floyd County Sheriff
  • Evan Bardach - Floyd County Prosecutor - Advisory Board Chair
  • Chief Todd Bailey - Mayor's Office, City of New Albany
  • Honorable Carrie Stiller - Floyd Superior Court I - Advisory Board Vice Chair / Advisory Board Secretary
  • Honorable Maria Granger - Floyd Superior Court III
  • Magistrate Julie Fessel Flanigan - Magistrate Court
  • Mathew Lorch - Public Defender
  • Angela Caps - Victim/Victim Advocate
  • Tiffany Mullinix - Ex-Offender
  • Jennifer Barrett - Director of Family & Children
  • Rachel Warner - Mental Health Representative
  • Michelle MarQuand - Guardian Ad Litem
  • Denise Konkle - County Fiscal Body
  • Kelly Deuser - Floyd County Probation Officer
  • Denise Beckwith - Floyd County Juvenile Probation Officer
  • Nancy Campbell - Educational Administrator
  • Amy Henderson - Mental Health Administrator/ Physician
  • Honorable James Hancock - Lay Person
  • John Shellenberger - Lay Person
  • Gary Banet - Lay Person
  • Reverend Richard Pimpleton - Lay Person


FCCC-JRAC Quarterly Meetings will be held in 2023 at noon in the City-County Building Assembly Room as follows:

Monday, January 9, 2023 at noon
Monday, April 17, 2023 at noon
Monday, July 17, 2023 at noon
Monday, October 16, 2023 at noon


Advisory Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas: