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Legal Notice to Taxpayers of Hearing on Proposed Cumulative Capital Development Fund

Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of Floyd County, Indiana, that the Floyd County Commissioners will consider at Pine View Government Center, 2524 Corydon Pike, New Albany, IN 47150, at 6:00 o’clock pm on the 23 rd day of May 2023, the establishment of a Cumulative Capital Development Fund under the provisions of Indiana Code 36-9-14.5 for the purposes as follows:

For all uses as set out in IC 36-9-14.5-2.

The tax will be levied on all taxable real and personal property within all taxing districts and will not exceed $0.0333 per $100 of assessed valuation. The proposed fund will be levied beginning with taxes due and payable in the year 2024. Taxpayers appearing at such hearing shall have the right to be heard thereon. The proposal for establishment of the Cumulative Capital Development Fund is subject to approval by the Department of Local Government Finance. 

Within 30 days after the date of the adoption of the cumulative fund by the Floyd County Commissioners, the County Commissioners will publish a Notice of Adoption.

Upon publication of the Notice of Adoption, 25 or more taxpayers in a taxing district may file a petition with the County Auditor not later than noon 30 days after the publication of the Notice of Adoption setting forth their objections to the proposed fund.

Dated this 17th day of May 2023.

Floyd County Commissioners

Board of Trustees for the New Albany Township Fire Board

The Floyd County Commissioners are now accepting resumes for the Board of Trustees for the New Albany Township Fire Board.

According to Ind. Code § 36-8-11-12:

The trustees must be qualified by knowledge and experience in matters pertaining to fire protection and related activities in the district. A person who:

(1) is a party to a contract with the district; or

(2) is a member, an employee, a director, or a shareholder of any corporation or association that has a contract with the district may not be appointed or serve as a trustee.

If you meet the state requirements and would like to be considered as a board member for the Board of Trustees for the New Albany Township Fire Board. Please submit your resume by mail or email not later than 4:00 p.m. June 9, 2023, to:

Floyd County Commissioners
Attn: Suzanna Worrall
2524 Corydon Pike Suite 204
New Albany, Indiana 47150

[email protected]

Invasive Plant Species Removal Funding

EMS Advisory Board Recommendations on Enhancing EMS Service

The Floyd County EMS Advisory Board has been working to improve the EMS service within Floyd County. We are tasked with recommending and implementing improvements to the EMS Response and pre-hospital emergency medical care for Floyd County and its communities. EMS operates at the crossroads between Health Care, Public Health and Public Safety. The FCEMSAB has reviewed all RFP’s, studies, and proposals that have been given to the county thus far. After much research, we recommend that the current EMS contract needs to be revised to reflect the following items regardless of which path is taken by the Floyd County Commissioners.

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