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EMS Advisory Board Recommendations on Enhancing EMS Service

The Floyd County EMS Advisory Board has been working to improve the EMS service within Floyd County. We are tasked with recommending and implementing improvements to the EMS Response and pre-hospital emergency medical care for Floyd County and its communities. EMS operates at the crossroads between Health Care, Public Health and Public Safety. The FCEMSAB has reviewed all RFP’s, studies, and proposals that have been given to the county thus far. After much research, we recommend that the current EMS contract needs to be revised to reflect the following items regardless of which path is taken by the Floyd County Commissioners.

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FC Broadband Accessibility and Speed Survey

As part of the American Rescue Plan Funds, local communities have been provided funding to assess, plan and implement broadband service in areas that are unserved or underserved. As part of Floyd County's broadband effort, we are requesting residents to participate in the following Broadband Accessibility and Speed Survey.

Results of the survey will be posted on this website. 

There are two ways to participate

Option 1 - Residences with Internet Access

Click here to visit the Indiana Farm Bureay Broadband Speed Test and follow instructions to conduct a speed test.

Option 2 - Residences without Internet Access

Call 812.981.7615 (Be sure to leave your full address on the voicemail)


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